Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy will explain that how our website uses, manage, and collect information from our users. Must know that the term privacy policy will be applied on every service or the software that is offered by our website.

Personal Information For Identification:

Well, there are different ways in which we offer users to provide the personal information that is required. Like they have to subscribe to a newsletter or to fill out a form that contains different kinds of products. Mostly we ask our users to provide us with their real name and their personal email address. But if they don’t they are still able to come on our website and take the knowledge. Therefore, we want to collect some personal information from our users if they are feeling comfortable sharing it with us. That means users can also deny providing us with any kind of personal information. Well, there is no danger in not providing the required information, but that users will not be able to gain access to some special features of our website. Therefore, we always suggest you feel free to give us these details because you are in safe hands.

Non-Personal Information:

Moreover, sometimes we also collect some non-personal information from our users. That may consist of providing the browser name that they are using, operating system, as well as the name of internet service provider, etc.

The Use Of Cookies:

In order to maximize the user experience and enable them to have complete access to the full website, we use cookies. Again that’s totally up to the coming users whether they want to do so or not.

The Use Of Personal Information:

All Pc Softs site gathers and uses your personal information in the following ways:

  • Enhance Customer Support: The information that you provide us will help in answering your individual question more quickly.
  • To Deliver Regular Emails: The email that you place on our website is also used to deliver the regular updates that are very important to know for you.
  • To Make Our Site More Better: The latest feedback option is a great way for you to explain the modern needs or suggestions that you want to give us.

How We Do Our Best To Protect Your Personal Information?

As you are placing your own personal information on our website, that means we are completely responsible to take full care of your provided data. Your password, usernames, and all other sensitive data are stored on our website with great encryption technology. That means, you never have to get worried about the leak of your data.

How Your Information Is Shared?

We want to let you know that we never sell, trade, or give your information on rent to anyone. But we only share it with our most trusted affiliates partners and sometimes with our business partners. Make sure we never give access to any visitor to take your personal information for their own benefits. As we use some third parties for sending surveys and to deliver newsletters, therefore we have to share it with them.

Terms And Conditions Of Different Advertisement:

The different kind of advertisements that you see on our website may use their own cookies. The reason behind it maybe is that the server of the ad can recognize your computer system for any authentic use. But these are totally non-personal information, which means they are not allowed to get any kind of information that you own. Make sure that our privacy policy does not cover any kind of cookies that are offered by our advertisers.

Terms And Conditions Related To Changings In Privacy Policy:

All Pc Softs can make any changes to their privacy policy whenever is needed. But never get worried about how you will be notified about these updates. Because you will be notified on our main page that you often visit for different purposes. Therefore, we suggest our visitors keep visiting the home page so that you can stay connected and be informed of any updates that can we make Moreover if you agree to our privacy policy then it’s your responsibility that to check it regularly.

Contact Us:

If you have, still any confusion or want to give suggestion related to privacy policy that you want to see. Then you can use the contact us features, and inform us about this one directly.